Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March 2016



In alphabetical order, we have short biographies for the following speakers:


Bob Elliot                               Craig Jones


David Lindo                           Dominic Dyer


Emily Wilson                          Geoff Edmond


Ian Guildford                         Keith Betton


Louise Robinson                   Mark Avery


Mike Dilger                            Pauline Kidner


Sergeant Rob Taylor            The Avon Bat Group

Mark Avery


Mark is a scientist by training and a naturalist by inclination.  He writes about and comments on environmental issues.


He worked for the RSPB for 25 years until standing down in April 2011 to go freelance.  He was the RSPB’s Conservation Director for nearly 13 years.


Mark lives in rural Northamptonshire and is a member of Cheltenham Racecourse, the RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts, the BTO, Buglife, Plantlife, Butterfly Conservation, Pond Conservation, the League Against Cruel Sports, the National Trust and the Labour Party.


His book "Inglorious - Conflict In The Uplands" was included in both the Guardian and The Times Book of The Year Lists for 2015.

Dominic Dyer


Dominic is CEO of the Badger Trust and Policy Advisor at the Born Free Foundation. He is one of the UK's leading voices for wildlife protection through his campaigning, public speaking, writing and broadcasting work.


He is also a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses Council and Vice Chair of Wildlife and Countryside Link Farming and Environment Group.


He is also a Fellow of both the British American Project and Council for the United States and Italy


Prior to working in wildlife protection Dominic had a 20 year career working in Government and Industry including over 12 years working in the Ministry of Agriculture in UK and Brussels and over 10 years in the food manufacturing and plant science industries working in UK, Europe and the United States.


He is currently writing a book on his experiences dealing with the badger cull issue

Bob Elliot


Bob is the RSPB’s Head of Investigations.


His team works on the protection of some of the UK’s rarest species and undertakes fieldwork, assists the police, statutory agencies and partner organisations in fighting  wildlife crime at home, and abroad.


Bob has worked for the RSPB for nine years and is still passionate about exposing those who are intent on illegally killing our wildlife.


In his spare time he is a lecturer and guide for natural history tours.

Louise Robinson


Dr Louise Robinson is a lecturer in Forensic Biology at the University of Derby and has published a chapter on wildlife genetic methodologies in the text Wildlife Forensic Investigation by Cooper and Cooper.


Her previous research background looked at the adaptation of forensic species identification techniques for conservation purposes whilst studying the critically endangered Trinidad Piping guan (Aburria pipile) and detecting potential habitats from evidence such as feathers. From this work she has organised two conferences on wildlife crime and conservation which have seen a wide range of delegates attend and learn more about the different sides of tackling wildlife crime such as enforcement, research and education.


She is always willing to hear from enforcement officers about the problems they face, such as techniques for wildlife evidence collection, in order to target these issues for research.

Craig Jones


Craig is a professional wildlife photographer, an experienced expedition and workshop leader, who runs his own photo tours and expeditions to many places throughout the UK and further afield around the world. He was a finalist in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year in both 2010 and 2015, a finalist in the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 and commended in the BWPA.


An Ex-Soldier, expert in fieldcraft and tracking skills, he has always found peace within nature.


He brings all his skills together to produce images by placing a frame around something he’s seen to show others the beauty of the natural world.

Emily Wilson


Emily is a nature enthusiast with a master’s degree in Conservation Biology.  Her dissertation focused on zoo animal welfare and behaviour.  She is dedicated to promoting conservation and animal welfare issues through social media; for example blogging, sharing photography or being active on Twitter to help raise awareness of such important topics of debate.


She currently works as a Campaigns Officer for the global animal welfare charity -  World Animal Protection (formerly known as The World Society for the Protection of Animals or WSPA).  Specialities include wildlife crime, the illegal wildlife trade, but also farm animal welfare issues, particularly within the dairy industry.  She is also Vice Chair of the Wildlife and Countryside Link working group for Wildlife Crime and Trade, working to bring together other wildlife NGO’s to collaborate on key wildlife crime issues.

David Lindo


Aka The Urban Birder, David is one of the UK’s leading ornithologists. Presenter on BBC’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch and regular guest on many other TV shows including the One Show, Countryfile and the Great British Wildlife Revival, he was recently voted the 7th most influential person in wildlife by BBC Wildlife Magazine.


Author of two books - The Urban Birder (2011) and Tales from Concrete Jungles (published by Bloomsbury, 2015), David writes a popular monthly urban birding column in Britain’s best selling birding publication, Bird Watching Magazine and regularly contributes to publications such as The Guardian, Friends of the Earth magazine and Nature’s Home - the membership publication for Britain's largest conservation organisation – the RSPB.


David is passionate about promoting birding and the observation of wildlife in urban environments around the world. His motto is simply: Look up! David believes that wildlife is everywhere – even on our doorsteps. Educating children about the joys of nature is also very important to David and he regularly visits schools across the world to engage with them.

Geoff Edmond


Geoff has been an RSPCA Inspector for over 24 years.  He has specialised in many aspects  of wildlife for many years and currently holds the position of National Wildlife Co-Ordinator for the  Inspectorate Team of Wildlife Officers.


Prior to joining the RSPCA he was a Special Constable for over 9 years when he also became involved in wildlife investigations.


He also has a personal interest in all aspects of wildlife which links to his work and his role today.  This involves assisting and advising on a whole range of wildlife issues both internally and in partnership with external agencies.

Mike Dilger


Mike is an ecologist, natural history presenter and writer. He has a life-long passion for British and tropical flora and fauna, of which he has profound experience and encyclopaedic knowledge.


He is committed to bringing the beauty of the natural world to a broader audience with enthusiasm and insight, rather than sensation or gimmicks.



Ian Guildford


Ian is an Investigative Support Officer with the National Wildlife Crime Unit.


Prior to joining the NWCU Ian served as a police officer, retiring after 33 years service with the South Wales Police. For the last nine years of his service he was a full time Wildlife and Environmental Crime Officer on secondment to the Countryside Council for Wales.


The main role of the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) is to assist in the prevention and detection of wildlife crime by obtaining and disseminating information from a wide range of organisations and by assisting police forces in wildlife crime investigation.


Ian is committed to work in partnership to prevent the illegal persecution and exploitation of our wildlife.

Pauline Kidner


Founder of Secret World Wildlife Rescue which now runs a 24/7 rescue centre for over 5,000 wildlife casualties every year.


Pauline, an ex-dairy farmer, has been particularly involved with badgers and the association with Bovine TB. She has written five books, the most recent being Place of Safety which was launched last year. She has worked as a wildlife rehabilitator for 29 years with her first badger cubs arriving in 1989.


She has spoken at national symposiums and works closely with Dr Elizabeth Mullineaux BVM&S DVM&S CertSHP MRCVS for better care for wildlife.


Pauline is affiliated with many other wildlife rehabilitation centres across the UK and beyond. Her expertise in this field is often called upon in relation to facilities and protocols.

Keith Betton


Keith set up the Hampshire Peregrine Project, which monitors 18 pairs of Peregrines in the county – most of them on man-made structures in remarkably public places.


On a national level he is Vice President of the British Trust for Ornithology, which carried out the recent Peregrine census.


A keen world birder, Keith has worked in the tourism industry for many years and has visited over 100 countries and seen almost 8000 species along the way.


His recent book, “Behind the Binoculars” (co-authored with fellow speaker Mark Avery) features interviews with some of the UK’s most acclaimed birdwatchers.


Keith will share with us the success story of the Peregrine, and its move into urban areas – and also outline some of the risks they face

The Avon Bat Group


The Avon Bat Group are volunteers promoting the conservation of bats and their habitat in the former Avon area.


They work to conserve bats and their roosts, educate the public about bats, provide information and advice on matters concerning bats, and rescue and care for injured, sick and orphaned bats.


Membership of the Avon Bat Group is open to anyone interested in bats.


For more information please visit their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK PAGE

Sergeant Rob Taylor


Rob is the manager of the successful North Wales Police Rural Crime Team.


He is an experienced officer who has served throughout North Wales in a variety of policing roles.  These include managing the force helicopter unit, leading investigations into fatal road traffic collisions and being an active on-call hostage negotiator.  Over the last nine years he has led many high profile and successful wildlife investigations and is also on attachment to Natural Resources Wales.


Rob has been the recipient of a National Award from the WWF for his wildlife work on three separate occasions.  He was also the recipient of their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for wildlife crime investigation.


He runs a popular and innovative Twitter stream @NWPRuralcrime with over 7,000 followers.


Rob will be reluctantly retiring soon, after 30 years of policing.

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