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Brendan Sinclair, Managing Editor

Brendan joined GamesIndustry International in 2012. Based in Toronto, Ontario, he was previously senior news editor at CBS-owned GameSpot in the US.

Recent articles by Brendan Sinclair

Microsoft, EA, among companies urging Texas to drop anti-trans directive

Governor's order to investigate parents helping trans kids receive gender-affirming healthcare as child abusers "goes against the values of our companies"

By Brendan Sinclair

Ontario launches $1 million esports scholarship program

Provincial government offering financial assistance to esports players taking courses for the "design, development, marketing and innovation industry"

By Brendan Sinclair

Blockchain gaming pitches' latest curve ball | This Week in Business

Some people don't like blockchain, so some start-ups are just leaving that part of their business out

By Brendan Sinclair

Ten years later, Jenova Chen reflects on Journey

ThatGameCompany CEO discusses what the game meant to players and to himself, both personally and professionally

By Brendan Sinclair

Sony, Rovio pull games over invasion of Ukraine

PlayStation Store offline as Sony halts shipments to Russia; Rovio pulls games, disables IAP in Russia and Belarus

By Brendan Sinclair

Mass Effect 3's ending blows up | 10 Years Ago This Month

Fans disappointed by RPG's ending vow to Retake Mass Effect, BioWare lets them have it

By Brendan Sinclair

EA removing Russian national teams from FIFA, NHL 22

Update: Publisher stops selling Russia items within FIFA Ultimate Team saying it was "in line with real world actions taken by our partners at FIFA and UEFA"

By Brendan Sinclair features editor Marie Dealessandri wins Women in Games Journalism Impact award

News editor Danielle Partis included in 2022 She Plays Games 100 list of "inspiring women who are having a positive impact and are pushing boundaries"

By Brendan Sinclair

Activision Blizzard sued by family of employee who committed suicide

Complaint says sexual harassment played a role, accuses publisher of not fully cooperating with police investigation

By Brendan Sinclair

Activision Blizzard failed to meet requirement for women board members

Publisher had more than three years to meet three-woman minimum on board of directors, blames noncompliance on Microsoft acquisition talks

By Brendan Sinclair

EA pulling games and virtual currency sales from Russia and Belarus

FIFA publisher joins the ranks of companies protesting invasion of Ukraine by withholding products

By Brendan Sinclair

How does Bandcamp fit in with Epic? | This Week in Business

Speculation and conjecture about how the Fortnite maker's latest acquisition -- and some of its past pick-ups -- fit into the metaverse

By Brendan Sinclair

Microsoft suspends sales to Russia

Xbox maker halting all new products and services in protest of the "unjustified, unprovoked and unlawful invasion by Russia"

By Brendan Sinclair

What's it like for a game dev in Kyiv?

Alex Molodkin of Ukrainian studio Weasel Token describes life in a city under siege

By Brendan Sinclair

CD Projekt halts sales to Russia, Belarus

Cyberpunk 2077 and GOG outfit says "commercial entities, when united, have the power to inspire global change…"

By Brendan Sinclair

Ukraine calls on gaming companies to block players in Russia, Belarus

Deputy prime minister Mykhailo Fedorov also asks Riot, EA, and others to close their Russian offices

By Brendan Sinclair

Intellivision halts StartEngine investment

Amico maker closes campaign two months and $4.94 million shy of its maximum

By Brendan Sinclair

Lessons learned from getting an indie publisher off the ground

Untold Tales CEO Maciej Łączny reflects on what went right and wrong in launching the indie publishing outfit

By Brendan Sinclair

Kotaku and Gizmodo Media Group workers strike

Gaming site staff and counterparts from other sites say G/O Media has refused to provide written counterproposals to good-faith bargaining efforts

By Brendan Sinclair

Gameloft joins the Playing for the Planet Alliance

Mobile publisher will take part in this year's Green Game Jam and commit to "decarbonation across all scopes of the business"

Mental Health Foundation asks industry to do more for players' wellbeing

Developers encouraged to tackle toxic behavior, boost representation, design for breaks, and encourage reflection

By Brendan Sinclair

Gabe Newell unconcerned about consolidation

As Steam Deck debuts, Valve head says customer preferences can keep PC an open platform, NFT crowd are "just not people you really are wanting to be doing business with"

By Brendan Sinclair

The ongoing erosion of exclusivity | This Week in Business

With the reportedly imminent demise of TT Games' Lego deal, we look back on the ebb and flow of exclusive deals in gaming

By Brendan Sinclair

Crowdfunding becomes the gold rush du jour | 10 Years Ago This Month

Double Fine kicks off a revolution, PlayStation Vita hits shelves, and we discover the Crystal Ball Society

By Brendan Sinclair

Maximum Games CEO takes over at Zordix

Christina Seelye becomes CEO of Swedish publisher three months after striking deal to be acquired by the company

By Brendan Sinclair

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