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Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer

Jeffrey Rousseau joined in March 2021. Based in Florida, he was a freelancer writer whose work focused on the intersectionality of games and media across multiple publications. He likes to learn about things and how people are finding solutions to problems, both big and small. When not playing games he likes to read, listen to podcasts, stay informed, or all the above at once.

Recent articles by Jeffrey Rousseau

WB Games veterans establish new games studio Fortis

Publisher says that it intends to focus on creating the next generation of live service games and expand its staff

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Gamesight: Lost Ark amassed 76m hours watched on Twitch during its launch week

From Software's Elden Ring reached a viewership of 52 million hours watched 3.5 days after its release on the streaming site

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Steam Deck | Critical Consensus

Critics agree that Valve's hardware is more of a versatile portable PC better suited for home than on the go

By Jeffrey Rousseau

DDM: Gaming investments reached $38.5 billion during 2021

Agency says last year was the biggest ever with twice as many deals and three times the investment

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Sid Meier cautions games industry's focus on monetization business model

Civilization creator expresses that a lack of concern on gameplay may result in a loss of consumers

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Riot Games to grow game publishing in Asia Pacific

Valorant maker appoints former managing director of emerging markets, Alex Kraynov as new APAC managing director

By Jeffrey Rousseau

NetEase revenue reached $13.7bn during the year of 2021

Online game service earnings hit $9.8bn as Naraka: Bladepoint and Harry Potter: Magic Awakened joined firm's offerings

By Jeffrey Rousseau

EA exec calls out game company leaders that allow toxicity within their businesses

During her DICE 2022 keynote speech, Laura Miele said leaders "who fall short of basic standards" should go

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Aonic commits to an over $100m investment to expand new gaming outfit

Mobile game developer TutoTOONs and mobile ad business AddApptr join as the first two companies to join the division

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Collective of African gaming companies launch Pan Africa Gaming Group

Businesses form organization with the aim to share resources and support the growth of the African games industry

By Jeffrey Rousseau

AppsFlyer: In-app gaming purchase revenue declined 35% globally in 2021

Decrease follows Apple's iOS 14.5 update that asks users permission for apps to track their data

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Twitch viewership totaled 2bn hours during January

Facebook Gaming accumulated 617 million hours watched within the month

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Backbone raises $40m in Series A funding

Mobile streaming platform intends to expand business operations and development team with investment

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Iron Galaxy Studios to expand with Nashville office

Company to invest $950,000 in new expansion joining its Orlando and Chicago game development locations

By Jeffrey Rousseau

NPD: 228.7m mobile game players were active in 2021 across the US and Canada

2022 Mobile Gaming Report also says that the figure represents a decline of 4% when compared to the year of 2020

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Valve to reduce Steam discount cycle to 28 days

Update: From March 28, discounts applied to products cannot exceed 90% of its retail price

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Metro Exodus moves 6m units

4A Games' Russia-based survival horror FPS title reaches sales milestone since its launch in 2019

Netmarble US to join Kabam

Studio president Simon Sim is appointed chief operations officer for the company behind Marvel Contest of Champions

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Embracer Group net sales reached $544m during Q3

Gaming firm sees an increase of 135% year-over-year as mobile game developer Easybrain led in revenue

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Amazon pens deal with dj2 Entertainment

The transmedia company behind 2020's Sonic the Hedgehog film is set to create exclusive content for Prime Video service

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Nacon acquires Daedalic Entertainment

Publisher says addition of the Lord of The Rings: Golum developer is its largest purchase yet

By Jeffrey Rousseau

EA veterans form Arctic7 studio

Newly formed video game developer aims to "look beyond the perceived confinements of traditional games development"

By Jeffrey Rousseau

How much progress has the industry made on diversity, equity, and inclusion?

DEI consultants and professionals weigh in on the promises made in 2020 while looking ahead

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Starbreeze net sales reached $13.5 million in 2021

Swedish video game firm behind the Payday series reports an increase of 6.3% year over year

By Jeffrey Rousseau

Skydance appoints Dan Prigg as head of interactive division

Executive to oversee the virtual reality and immersive games department while leading its business operations

By Jeffrey Rousseau

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